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Financial communication

Younited is a credit institution, licensed & supervised by the European Central Bank and the Bank of France.

We have developed an unmatched consumer loan product enabling offer an instant final credit decision though a seamless customer experience.

Having raised over 350 M€ in equity since 2009, we originated 1,7 Bn€ in loans in 2022 (with a ca. 70% YoY growth) with an outstanding portfolio of ~3 Bn€, all at the service of our 1,2 million customers.

2022 earnings call

annual revenue run rate in H1 2022
H1 revenue run rate growth vs 2021
of GMV outside of France
« As the leading instant credit provider in Europe, we have built an efficient platform with strong growth track record and perspectives, maintaining high profitability at scale. »
Xavier Pierart
Chief Financial Officer

Recent product launches

Instant credit for payment

Embedded insurance

Beyond credit application with Younited, our users can now take out insurance tailored to the equipment or project financed, with just a few clicks and no hidden costs.


Budget coaching

Bills too high? We’ll tell you where and how to lower them.
Analyze. Compare. Save. Elevate your financial well-being. From bank data to bottom-line savings, Younited Coach has all our customers covered at zero cost.

Instant credit for payment

Instant credit for payments

Merchants can deploy, in a matter of days, a new financing payment method for purchases that matter. Based on our unique instant credit platform guarantees a seamless journey and immediate order validation.


Open-banking smart routing platform

One of our most important tools in our instant credit offering is our open banking data aggregation platform. It now has better performance than any individual provider on the market, simply because we are combining the best of what’s available out there. Our partners and customers can enjoy best-in-class levels of success rates.

Contact for investor relations

Xavier Pierart
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Strategy Officer