Meet our talented
Internal Control & Compliance team

Our mission is to ensure the company operates with integrity and adheres to all regulatory standards and best practices.

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We are dedicated to establishing robust internal controls, monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, and managing risks effectively to protect the company from legal and reputational risks, ensuring sustainable growth and fostering a culture of compliance and ethical conduct across all business operations.

What we do

  • The Internal Control team guarantees that Younited activities, organization and procedures are efficient and compliant with our regulatory framework as well as with market standards. It includes overseeing the development and delivery of a control plan and participating in the development and diffusion of a strong control mindset within the Group.
  • The Compliance team ensures that Younited acts in accordance with a constantly changing regulatory framework. It includes overseeing compliance with applicable regulations (Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions, Investment Services…) and liaising with administrative and regulatory authorities internationally.