Meet our talented
Data team

Our mission is to leverage the power of data to drive informed decision-making, optimize operational efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

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By leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and robust data management practices, the team aims to provide deep insights into consumer behavior, credit risk assessment, and market trends, thereby supporting the company’s strategic goals and contributing to its competitive edge in the fintech sector.

What we do

  • Our Data Science team manages projects from collecting needs from stakeholders to deploying models in production. Our Data scientists are in charge of model design and quantitative analysis and ML Engineers work on model deployment and internal tooling. The team uses a standard and proven technical stack (python/sklearn/catboost/bigquery/gcp).
  • Our Data Analytics team leverages data to provide Business Intelligence & transverse analysis to enable all Younited teams to be autonomous & efficient in their decision-making process. It works in close collaboration with the Data Engineer team and has a view on all components of the business.

Meet the “Younies”

temoignage Ashvini
joined Younited in 2021 as Data Scientist