Meet our talented
Human Resources team

We support Younited’s strategic objectives by placing the development and commitment of the Younies at the heart of everything we do.

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We focus on developing an organization that is both efficient and adaptable, capable of supporting hypergrowth while pursuing profitability. We are committed to providing daily support to managers and teams, enhancing their comfort and enabling them to concentrate fully on business objectives. It is crucial to equip our organization with the appropriate tools and processes to facilitate smooth and secure growth. Additionally, we prioritize fostering a positive internal atmosphere and team spirit, making Younited a joyful workplace. A key part of our mission is to preserve and cherish our culture and values.

What we do

  • Talent Acquisition to attract the best experts on the market who will flourish in our culture and contribute to the success of Younited.
  • HR Business Partners to support employees at every stage of their development, advise managers on organisational and management challenges and deploy the right processes for onboarding, motivating, developing and retaining our talents.
  • HR & CSR Projects to support the implementation of a global HR Strategy and lead our CSR ambitious roadmap.
  • HR Ops to make sure you get rewarded in time for the work done!
  • Culture & office management to take care of your daily well-being and promote the friendly atmosphere in the offices.

Meet the “Younies”

temoignage Vigdis Flaten
joined Younited in 2020 as Chief People & Impact Officer