Meet our talented
Risk team

Our mission is to strategically balance risk and reward, ensuring sustainable growth and regulatory compliance.

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This role is pivotal in safeguarding the company’s assets and reputation, and in supporting informed decision-making for rapid expansion and market adaptation. We are fulfilling this mission employing advanced analytics for credit risk assessment, fraud prevention, and operational efficiency.

What we do

  • Our Credit portfolio management team mission is to enable Younited to distribute its loan origination to external investors, and thus to validate its originate-to-distribute model. The team is involved in the whole origination process from the definition of underwriting standards, cost of risk estimation to portfolio structuration & sale.
  • Our Credit Strategy team is responsible for keeping risk levels under control while enabling a smooth user experience. Credit strategy management is an energetic international team relying on state-of-the art tooling and data processing technologies to design and ensure the efficiency of its decision system.
  • Our ERM team is responsible for the management of operational risks at Group level and ensures that we meet our business challenges in respect with the risk appetite defined by the Board.

Meet the “Younies”

joined Younited in 2022 as Credit Strategy Analyst (video in French)