Meet our talented
Tech team

We play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Younited through the development of our cutting-edge technological platform.

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Welcome to the heart of our Younited Tech department, a dynamic team of approximately 150 brilliant minds.

We ensure that our Information System not only aligns seamlessly with our business challenges and product strategy but is also scalable, efficient, and meets the exceptional quality standards our users deserve.

Here are some highlights of our way of working

  • A Mosaic of Expertise. The Tech department value collaboration and expertise. Its Committees and Communities bring together a network of specialized teams, each with a unique purpose. These teams come in two forms: Younits and Central teams.
  • Younits: Forging Excellence. Younits are the engines of innovation, bringing together Product Ownership, Engineering, and Quality Assurance. They work hand-in-hand with our Product Managers to create exceptional products. Each Younit is responsible for a subset of our diverse technical applications, all expertly integrated into our microservices architecture. Younits are grouped into Tech Domains, each overseeing specific segments of our value chain and Younited business lines.
  • Central Teams: The Backbone of Younited. Our Central Teams are the unsung heroes, focusing on cross-functional matters. Our Site Reliability Engineers, DevSecOps Engineers, L1 & L2 Support Ops, and Developer Experience Engineers provide unwavering support to Younits and all members of our organization, as well as the final users of our platform.

If you want more informations about our work, check our TECH blog

Meet the “Younies”

started as Principal Engineer and is now Head of Architecture (video in French)
Lamia Hannoun
started as Product Owner and is now Lead Delivery (video in French)
Mathieu Lacarriere
Lead Developer at the time of the video, now Head of Engineering (video in French)
joined Younited in 2022 as Senior Software engineer (video in French)