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Covid-19 – Younited Business Solutions is mobilizing alongside Bpifrance to launch a digital platform for the « Prêt rebond » to support French SMEs

New partnership
Press release

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As part of the economic support plan related to the Covid-19 crisis, Younited Business Solutions teams up with Bpifrance to launch and operate a digital platform dedicated to the “Prêt Rebond” offer. Thanks to the support of the French Regions, VSEs and SMEs will be able to strengthen their cash flow in less than 7 days through a 100% online process. Since April 23rd 2020, This platform has been available for business located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes territory and may be extended to other territories who are interested in this platform. To put this emergency facility in place, Bpifrance and Younited Credit, Fintech member of the “Next 40”, have co-built a technological, operational, and financial platform “front-to-back”.

Bpifrance has decided to launch a digital version of the « Prêt Rebond » to reinforce its support to the VSEs & SMEs deployed on the French Region, allowing a 100% online loan subscription for businesses.

In this partnership, Younited Business Solutions ensures contract management between the parties (through digital signature), part of the anti-fraud controls, client relationship as well as the totality of the financial flows (disbursement of funds, direct debits, deadlines management, collection)

"We are extremely proud to have been involved, upon request of Bpifrance, in this essential project to support businesses facing the economic downturns related to Covid-19. This partnership is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Younited Business Solutions, as it enables us to carry out a project of major magnitude in the SME lending sector."
Geoffroy Guigou, co-founder & group COO

SMEs from all sectors (restaurants, merchants, artisans, small and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing or services) can easily subscribe for a 0% loan, ranging from 10,000€ to 50,000€, without any fees, that could be reimbursed seven years from now (including 2-year deferred capital). This liquidity loan, cumulative with the State-guaranteed loans (Prêt Garanti par l’Etat, PGE) distributed by traditional banks, do not require any personal guarantee or safety. Thus, it allows businesses to face operations shutdown, cancellations, order delays and longer payment terms. It helps to relieve local businesses liquidities, which are essentials to regional economies, directly impacted by the current health crisis.

This large-scale project was carried out in a record period of 3 weeks and mobilized more than 40 people out of Younited’s 340 employees, alongside the Bpifrance team which led the project. Younited’s historical partners also participated in this public interest project, including Microsoft Azure (Cloud), Universign (electronic signature), Linklaters (legal advice for the structuring of the refinancing scheme).

“This partnership demonstrates the success of Younited Business Solutions “Credit-as-a Service” and “Credit-as-a-Payment” offers. Historically specializing in personal financing, we are now entering the corporate financing business.”
Geoffroy Guigou

“Younited is now a long-standing partner of Bpifrance, the quality of their technology, their responsiveness and their involvement, as well as the very good collaboration between our teams have made it possible to set up this solution very quickly, enabling the Regions of France to intervene locally, in a targeted manner that complements State-guaranteed loans.”
Arnaud Caudoux, Bpifrance deputy CEO

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