E-commerce Connect x Younited: split payment, the new opportunities for online retailers

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E-commerce Connect x Younited

date 12.05.2022
lieu Paris, France

Ecommerce Connect is an event dedicated to online retailers, whether you are a pure player, a brick-and-mortar retailer, a DNVB, a marketplace, a wholesaler, etc. This event is designed for you and will help you level up how you sell products online, learn about the ecosystem and network efficiently.

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Pierre-Marin Campenon, Managing Director EU, Partnerships at Younited, hosted a conference on split payment and new opportunities for online retailers.

Key takeaways

Over the past few years, split payment has contributed to the transformation of the retail sector, not only increasing sales but also offering optimised customer journeys that reassure consumers and encourage them to return to their favourite retail websites.

But this solution also opens up other opportunities for retailers: in terms of information about customers and corporate social responsibility, particularly through the buy-back of used products.

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