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How Tediber implemented the first open-banking based payment method


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About Tediber

Tediber is a fast-growing bedding products company that pioneered the direct-to-consumer model in the sector in France. Since 2015, they have relied heavily on their community (+25k opinions and feedback) in developing their environmentally friendly products. Tediber has chosen clarity and simplicity with unique products of exceptional quality, sold without using any intermediaries, at a fair price, for all customers and available all year round.

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Julien Sylvain

CEO, Tediber

« Our leitmotiv has always been to make our products accessible to everyone, easily and simply.
It was therefore important for us to offer a new 12-instalment payment solution, with a simple and fast purchasing process.
Younited Pay's solution was ideal. »

The Challenge

Tediber wanted to offer a wider range of payment methods in addition to the 2/3 months installments. The goal was to make the customer journey as simple as a credit card payment. Indeed, with an average basket of around €800 and a young and urban customer base, we needed to offer a solution that allowed costs to be spread over a much higher number of monthly installments. The purchase would therefore be more affordable for a greater number of people.

The solution

The proposed solution for this partnership was fully digital and relied on cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of Tediber’s customers. This solution is the first European payment solution to use aggregated banking data following the introduction of the second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), via Open Banking. Customers only have to provide their bank account details and an identity document when taking out instant financing for their purchase.

Benefits for Tediber

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A perfect fit between Younited Pay and Tediber's products
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A significant increase in Average Transaction Value

A seamless customer journey

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