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How Barooders uses instant credit to sell high-end sports equipment

Success Stories
Partnership setting up in France.


About the company

Barooders is a renowned sports equipment company, offering a wide selection of products for cycling, skiing, hiking and much more. Discover their range of high-quality products at for exceptional sporting adventures.

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The Challenge

Previously, Barooders offered its customers an instalment facility, with payment options in 3x or 4x. However, with the introduction of high-end and sometimes expensive sports products on their site, the main challenge was to find a new financing solution that could offer longer repayment periods than 4x, while maintaining a fast and fluid user experience.

The Solution

Younited Pay meets Barooders’ requirements by offering a more flexible experience, where customers can opt for repayments spread over 12, 24 or 36 months. It also ensures greater fluidity by enabling instant validation, allowing customers to take immediate ownership of their equipment. What’s more, this solution simplifies the process thanks to an entirely digital experience.

Geoffroy d'Autichamp Barooders
« Payment is a real issue for Barooders customers, most of whom buy very high-end bikes at prices ranging from 3 to 10 thousand euros. Few can afford to pay cash, and the Younited Pay solution is a real selling point. We've increased our business volume by over 20% thanks to this innovative solution. We particularly appreciate the integration into our sales process, and the smooth exchange of information between Younited Pay and Barooders. »
Geoffroy d’Autichamp
Co-founder of Barooders

Benefits for Barooders

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Making products accessible to as many people as possible
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Increase customer satisfaction
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Delivering a smooth user experience