How do I install Younited Pay on my e-commerce site?

Update on 30/01/2023

Installing Younited Pay is very simple.

1. First, create a Younited Pay account. To do so, click here to contact us.

2. Then, you have two options depending on your e-commerce environment (this does not apply to merchants that only sell in-store).

a. If you use an e-commerce platform
It takes under an hour to install and configure the Younited module.
We have modules for the following platforms:

– Prestashop
– Shopify

We are developing modules for the following platforms:

– Magento 1 et 2
– WooCommerce
– Sylius
– Salesforce Commerce Cloud
– Wizishop

b. If you have a custom site
It will take a developer a few days of work to integrate. We recommend following our step-by-step integration guide. Click here to view our documentation on the Younited Pay API.


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