Meet our talented
Tech team

Tech is responsible for the development of our platform with Engineering, Product Ownership and Quality

Team missions

Tech (approx. 200 people) is responsible for the development of our platform and make it fully aligned with our business challenges, our product strategy, scalable, efficient and with the level of quality that our users deserve! Our infrastructure is fully cloud-based, and we are big believers in microservices architecture and continuous delivery. 

We are organised in small multi-disciplinary product teams called "younits", bringing together the skills of Product Ownership, Engineering and Quality to build the best possible product

These younits are grouped into domains to ensure a scalable organisation :

  • User transformation, for everything related to credit application
  • Risk, focused on decision and credit risk models
  • Finance for post-financing credit life cycle
  • Via partners in charge of the public APIs exposed to our partners 
  • User engagement whose objective is to foster retention of users

These domains are supported by cross-functional Tech teams such as Developer Experience, SREDevSecOpsSupport

We have many open positions within our organisation, as well as opportunities to grow internally through our elaborate career paths! 

If you want more informations about out works, do not hesitate to go on the tech blog


Meet the "Younies"

Lamia Hannoun

started as Product Owner and became Product Owner Domain

Mathieu Lacarrière

Lead Developer at the time of the video, becomes Head of Engineering one and a half years later

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