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E-commerce Nation x Younited: deferred payments, split payments, credit solutions, how do you use them to boost sales?

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Webinar Ecommerce Nation x Younited

lieu Digital Event, France

Popular with consumers for a number of years, split payment is a powerful tool in increasing your conversion rate as well as the size of your average basket. However, it is not without risk for consumers, and new European directives will further regulate this practice in the coming months.

How can we adapt to respond to this changing regulatory environment and maintain sales performances at optimal levels?

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Presented by E-Commerce Nation alongside Pauline Tolila, Sales Director at Younited, who will share best practices for successful payment strategies and how to increase your sales in this changing environment.

Best practices for a successful payment strategy

To successfully use split payment solutions, you need to understand the expectations of your customers and find a partner who will be able to support you and advise you on navigating this ever-changing ecosystem.

This webinar will give you insight into new consumer expectations and advice on choosing your payment solution.

  • Best practices to boost your sales through a payment solution
  • Understanding the needs of your customers
  • New consumer expectations
  • The role and usefulness of each of the various solutions
  • Checklist on choosing your technological partner
  • In greater depth: changes to the regulatory framework and associated services

Key takeaways

What you should look for in a split payment partner:

  • one that meets the needs of your products and customers (average amount, maturity) and offers a top-quality user experience
  • one that is either a financing expert or is able to manage the entire process for any amount or term and can have your back throughout future regulatory, technological, service-related changes
  • finally, one that can offer simple integration with a team fully available to work hand-in-hand with yours.