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How does it works ?


At checkout, choose Younited Pay as a payment method


Select the repayment terms if available


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What makes it that easy? Bank account connection

What is it?

When connection your bank account, you provide Younited with access to your bank account statements via a secure process which is regulated by the Banque de France.
Younited will only be able to read your account statements in order to review your credit application more accurately and quickly. No transactions (e.g. bank transfers) can be carried out using this process and your savings remain fully secure.


How to connect your bank account

  • More often that not, you are redirected to your bank’s mobile app or website, which asks you to sign in as usual (i.e. using your password, fingerprint or face recognition).
  • However, it can vary slightly from one bank to another.
  • Your bank will then send Younited the information needed to review your credit application in a secure way.

What are the benefits ?

  • Easier, far less documents required
  • Faster, immediate and final response
  • Secure, no more handling sensitive documents

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  • Monitor all your outstanding loans
  • View your repayment schedules
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Any questions left?

What is Younited?

Younited is the leader in instant credit in Europe serving the e-economy. Constant innovation, disruptive technology and an exceptional user experience have resulted in nearly one million consumers being granted access to instant, simple and transparent credit solutions, enabling them to renovate their homes, finance their holidays or buy a new smartphone.

Younited offers an instant credit solution integrated into…

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What is a Younited Pay financing application?

Younited Pay allows you to pay in instalments.
By choosing the Younited Pay payment method, you are subscribing to a amortized credit product to finance a purchase made to one of our partner merchants.

As a result, you are signing a contract with the Younited company, which becomes your dedicated point of contact.
For questions about your financing,…

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What is a product-specific loan?

A product-specific loan is a loan used for a specific good or service, for example, the purchase of moveable goods (furniture, car).

A product-specific loan is granted by a credit establishment or a bank and sometimes is granted directly at the place of purchase (store or website). It is a consumer credit loan and the lender of the product-specific loan…

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