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Journal de l’auto x Younited : How is financing evolving to ensure continued accessibility to mobility?


Le Journal de l'Automobile x Younited

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Long-term leasing with purchase option, on credit, for new or used vehicles, automotive financing has become the key access point for French people to their mobility.

Nicolas Pelpel, Sales Director of Younited was invited to take part in the Program organized by Le Journal de L’Automobile program: how is financing reinventing itself to keep mobility accessible?

The conference took place on March 28 at 10:30 a.m. online.

Nicolas Pelpel will be joined by automotive industry experts.

Watch the replay

Discover the program hosted by Catherine Leroy, editor-in-chief of Syner’J Media’s editorial teams, featuring experts from the sector :

  • Nicolas Pelpel, Sales Director at Younited Pay
  • Guénaël Geffroy, CEO of Volkswagen Financial Services
  • Bertrand de la Villeon, Partner in charge of the automotive practice at Eurogroup Consulting
  • Guillaume Juhel, Head of Financing and Services at

Watch the replay (in French only) – on the Journal de l’Auto website

Emission du Journaldelauto - Financement

Key takeaways

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