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Cybertek, expert in electronic product sales, offers instant credit on its website.

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About the company

Cybertek is a brand known for nearly 30 years by computer enthusiasts and especially PC Gamers. Each enthusiast can configure his own PC and benefit from the most powerful servers and processors on the market. Nearly 3000 customers have already given a rating of 4.5/5 (Trustpilot review).


The Challenge

Cybertek offers products for sale to high average baskets (sometimes several thousand euros). With the constant increase in demand, it was important to offer in-store and from the website an appropriate financing solution offering a wide choice of duration and large amounts. Payment in 3x or 4x was no longer sufficient for a PC that could cost 3500 €.

The Solution

Younited offers to Cybertek, a fully digital user experience that allows customers to pay a PC Gamer of several thousand euros from 12 to 24 months, in just a few minutes.
The quick integration of the solution via the Younited Pay API allowed Cybertek to implement the feature on its e-commerce site in just a few days. Sales financed by Younited have tripled since the beginning of the partnership.

Benefits for Cybertek

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Allows its customers to finance goods of greater value.
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Increase of the Average Basket
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Offering an ultra fluid and intuitive user experience