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Find out how Apple’s premium resellers implemented the first payment solution using a 100% open banking process

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Apple premium resellers

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About Apple Premium Resellers

Apple Premium Resellers are Apple authorised resellers that offer specialised support in the sale of Apple products and accessories, with a particular focus on providing the best possible shopping experience. In Italy, the Apple Premium Resellers are Juice, Medstore, R-store and C&C, which have a total of 161 stores throughout Italy and a total turnover of approximately EUR 700 million. 

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The Challenge

Apple Premium Resellers devote great attention to the customer experience in their stores, with a final goal of customer loyalty. This necessity required the creation of a tool that could combine ease of use, flexibility of the payment method and innovation in bringing customers back to the shop after their first purchase. 

The Solution

The solution proposed to meet the needs of Apple Premium Resellers is called ‘Apple Affordability’ and it’s a platform created by Younited. It allows the end customer to finance his new Apple device with the most affordable monthly instalment possible, thanks to innovative tools such as the trade-in, through which the customer can discount his new product by returning his old device, and the forward trade-in option, which allows the customer to pay a reduced instalment and return the product at the end of the financing period, replacing it with the latest newest model.  

Benefits for resellers premium d'Apple

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Easy to integrate digital platform
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Affordability through trade-in services
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Improved customer loyalty