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Find out how LDLC allows its customers to finance their Apple products with instant credit available online and in-store.

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About LDLC

LDLC is the leading French e-commerce company specialised in computer components and PC setup. LDLC distributes its services and products through its website and more than 100 points of sale throughout France. Lately, new types of high-tech products such as digital cameras, game consoles or home installations have appeared on the catalogue and in the shops. 

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The Challenge

LDLC wanted to enable its customers to buy the product of their dreams without being locked into the price thanks to a financing solution. The aim was to make the customer’s journey as simple as paying by credit card and to allow purchases to be spread over a large number of monthly payments. Indeed, with an average basket of around 1,200 euros and a young, urban clientele, we needed to offer a solution that would allow us to spread the costs over a large number of monthly payments. This would make the purchase more affordable for a larger number of people. 

The Solution

The solution offered by this partnership is fully digital and based on state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of LDLC’s customers. The solution is the first European payment solution to use aggregated bank data following the implementation of the second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), via Open Banking. Customers only need to provide their bank details and identification to receive instant funding for their purchase. The solution also includes the possibility of taking back an old product and renewing the purchased product whenever the customer wishes. 

Benefits for LDLC

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A seamless customer journey
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A significant increase in the average value of transactions
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A perfect match between Younited Pay and Apple products