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How Maze used Younited Pay to boost their in-store sales

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About Maze

MAZE Garage is an electric two-wheeler dealer based in Paris. Maze Garage sells, maintains, repairs and customises Super Soco, RGNT and Segway vehicles, as well as Ray and Sur-Ron bikes. These electric vehicles offer new driving experiences with smooth acceleration and quiet operation.

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« We chose Younited because their in-store financing solution offers real flexibility to our customers with payment up to 84 times, while keeping credit approvals fast. »
Nicholas Vallée
Co-founder of Maze Garage

The Challenge

Maze wanted to offer its customers urban electric two-wheelers that combine design and performance with advances in terms of on-board technology, comfort, flexibility and road holding. Given the purchase price of these vehicles, it seemed essential to offer a payment deferral solution for this acquisition, thus making its products accessible to a wider clientele, while reducing the impact on the sales staff in managing the financing files.

The Solution

Younited is a leading provider of multi-payment solutions, with optimised 100% digital payment paths. Its “Younited Pay” credit payment offer (from 10 to 84 monthly instalments and from €300 to €50,000) is the perfect solution for Maze Garage to improve its in-store electric vehicle sales process. The salesperson can initiate the finance application from the shop and pass it on to the customer via a link. The customer, from the shop, logs in via the link and follows the different steps independently, in a faster and more secure way. Once the application is completed, the salesperson knows immediately if the customer is financed and can finalise the sale.

Interview of Nicholas Vallée and Nicolas Pelpel

Benefits for Maze

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Save time on the sales side: no more financing files to manage.
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Targeting a new customer segment with a monthly payment solution
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Increase customer satisfaction and retention with a new payment solution