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How does Younited Pay work?

Update on 24/04/2023

With Younited Pay, your customers will be able to pay online or in store up to €50,000 and up to 84 instalments in under 5 minutes.

Once the customer has completed their order on the retail site and chosen Younited Pay as their payment method, they will be redirected to our subscription process.

Here are the steps to our 100% digital process:
– confirm identifying information
– provide identification
– link a bank account
– electronically sign the contract

On average, the Younited Pay process is complete in under 5 minutes.

Contact us for more information and to see a demo of our solution.


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How is my data and my clients’ data protected?

Younited is a credit institution approved by the ACPR (under Banque de France) and applies the strictest security measures in order to ensure that merchant and customer data remains secure.

We take technical, physical and administrative measures to ensure the protection of this information against any type of loss, abuse, unauthorised access, breach or modification. Security measures include data encryption,…

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How much does Younited Pay cost for a merchant?

With Younited Pay, your clients can pay online or in store up to €50,000 in up to 84 instalments in under 5 minutes.

When a payment is made via Younited Pay, fees are applied and are charged either to the merchant or the customer (depending on the amount, duration and options set by the merchant).

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