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CSR at Younited

Younited is in the process of getting B-Corp certified and works towards the ESG standard of listed companies.

Protecting our

From our historic choice of not offering revolving loans to the recent launch of our brand-new insurance range of solutions: protecting our clients has always been our top priority.

visuel csr

Empowering people

We have launched Younited Coach to provide better financial education to our customers and help them optimize their household budget. But what we do to empower clients and employees alike goes far beyond that: we work towards financial literacy with partner NGOs, offer professional development opportunities…

More than 100 days spent by Younies in 2023 volonteering for charity
Gender Equality Index (2024 French edition)
nationalities represented among all Younies


At global level, we have signed the French Tech Parity Pact and the Parental Challenge, we monitor Diversity and Inclusion KPIs, partner with NGOs, have an anti-harassment policy… We are an equal opportunity employer, and we are proud of it!

green practices

Everything we do has an environmental footprint. We commit to minding it and looking for ways to promote green practices internally (waste reduction, sustainable purchases, energy sobriety efforts…) and externally (circular economy partners, carbon footprint assessment, …).

French Gender Parity Index

We achieved the score of 89/100 to the 2024 French Gender Parity Index.

  • Pay gap between men and women : 39/40 (+1 vs last year)
  • Salary increase gap between men and women : 20/20
  • Salary increase after maternity leave : 15/15
  • Promotions gap between men and women : 15/15
  • Parity among the top 10 salaries : 0/10 (-5 vs last year)

Thanks to our actions to promote gender parity at all levels of the organization, we are proud and above all humble to have achieved this score. Proud because of how far we have come since our first publication of the index. Since 2021, we have been committed to treating men and women equally in all our HR processes and this is reflected in the 2024 figures regarding salary paygap, salary increase gap, promotion and salary raise of women returning from maternity leave. Humble because there is still a long road ahead of us to anchor these practices and above all to set an example for parity within our top management team.

The representation of women in top management is a major challenge in the fintech ecosystem, and Younited is no exception. At Younited, we are making it a priority to promote the development of our female talents in order to reach top management posts but also to recruit women for C-Level positions.

Achieving success as one. Cropped shot of a group of colleagues joining their hands in unity.