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Who is the Younited Pay payment offer for?

Update on 21/06/2023

Younited Pay is available to any individual looking to make a purchase from one of our merchant partners. Your order must be between €100 and €50,000 maximum. Our merchant partners can then decide if they wish to make Younited Pay unavailable above a certain amount or for certain products.

You must be at least 18 years old, be a resident of France, have a bank card that meets the below requirements and have a mobile telephone number from a provider based in France.

Other conditions may apply based on the amount financed and the length of reimbursements. Consult the information specific to your purchase in the contract you signed when you agreed to the financing.


Do you have any otherquestions?

My personal information or bank details have changed. How can I update them in the Younited Credit system?

To change your contact information or personal data, please contact our dedicated Younited Pay customer service department via email at or by phone at

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What documents are required to pay in instalments via Younited Pay?

The personal information required for your financing application is: a valid form of identification (French national identification card, European Union passport or residence permit) and bank account information (RIB).

We recommend having these documents available during your purchase to save you time.

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When will I receive a response to my Younited Pay financing request?

The response to your financing request is immediate.

The credit begins, with your agreement, the day the product is delivered (as long as it is not shorter than the minimum legal delay of 4 days), subject to terms of the cancellation period.

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