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Younited and Enpal announce a partnership to offer Photovoltaic System financing solutions for Italian households.

New partnership
Press release


Younited and Enpal partner to offer an innovative photovoltaic system financing solution.

With the strong development of residential solar power systems offers, in a context of inflationary pressure on households’ budget, customers need to be supported with affordable financing solutions to achieve their energetic transition. Younited, the leading instant credit provider in Europe and Enpal, Germany’s fastest growing energy company, join forces to offer innovative, seamless financing solutions to supply customers with accessible renewable energy solutions.

This European partnership between the Paris-based Fintech and the Berlin-based GreenTech will enable customers to purchase Enpal’s green technologies (solar panels, energy storage, EV chargers, smart energy management systems and heat pumps) with a 100% digital, innovative and seamless credit offer, fully embedded into Enpal subscription experience, with 0€ upfront cost.

This offer will be available in H2 2024 in Italy, with the ambition to expand to other European countries.

Financing offers are a crucial pillar of our strategy to supply our customers with the best possible renewable energy solutions and become independent. We are delighted that Enpal’s customers can access this innovative financing solution. As inflation continues to impact consumers, Younited’s simple, fair and transparent financing solution provides a tangible solution to meet the needs of our users. Thanks to our partnership with Younited, we are making a step forward to achieve our mission to make renewable energy accessible to all people.”
Stefano Galluccio, Enpal’s Managing Director

An offer available in Italy as soon as 2024.

Italy will be the first country where the joint solution will be rolled out, as early as 2024. Furthermore, according to the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), Italy aims, by 2030, to generate 65% of its electricity from renewable energy. With this new offering Enpal will further contribute to hit this ambitious goal by opening to Italian households, who already had access to Enpal’s solutions since 2022, the possibility to subscribe to a consumer loan at preferred conditions to finance their purchase over long maturities (up to 240 months) to protect their budget while reducing their energy costs. The financing subscription will be fully packaged with Enpal product’s purchase and installation experience, be it through Enpal’s distribution network or through its network of partners.

Younited is present in Italy since 2016 and already partners with leading brands such as iliad Italia, Euronics or Microsoft to offer 100% digital and seamless financing solutions to Italian households.

The Green industry is a strong area of development for Younited, as product prices are significant and require the industry to find innovative and seamless financing solutions to help their customers in their energy transition. The combination of Enpal’s innovative DNA with Younited’s obsession to offer seamless and responsible lending experience leads to an unrivalled integrated offer that will contribute to make green energy more affordable”.
Geoffroy Guigou, co-founder of Younited