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EMVO x Younited: Instant credit: the financing revolution in the used vehicle sector

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EMVO x Younited

lieu Paris, France

Younited attended the “Etats Majors du Véhicule d’Occasion” event organised by Le Journal de l’Automobile. This event dedicated to professionals in the used vehicle market provided us with an opportunity to showcase our Younited Pay instant credit payment solution.

A dedicated conference

Nicolas PELPEL, Sales Director at Younited, gave a presentation on the instant credit trends and opportunities for the used vehicle sector at a conference organised by the Journal de l’Automobile.

conference emvo

The global semiconductor crisis that has impacted the automotive industry for more than a year has affected the production capacity of car manufacturers, pushing consumers to turn to the used vehicle market, with prices constantly increasing due to the shortage of new vehicles.

As a result of very high demand, used vehicle sellers need to know if their customers are solvent and are in a position to finance their chosen vehicle. Younited Pay offers these used vehicle sellers an instant credit solution based on Open Banking (DSP2) that is capable of granting financing approval via a website or car dealership in less than 5 minutes.

Key takeaways

The used vehicle market is a fast-growing market, driven by a strong consumer interest in low-mileage and as-new vehicles. At the same time, it has been strongly impacted by the the global semiconductor crisis.

Through Younited Pay, used vehicle sellers (at dealerships or online) can now provide their customers with a brand new digital experience to apply for a loan to buy their vehicule.

Thanks to its leading European instant credit platform leveraging open-banking and its full banking licence, Younited can issue an instant and definitive loan agreement for up to €50,000.