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Younited Credit becomes Younited and reveals its first pan-European communication campaign

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Younited, the leading instant credit provider in Europe, is changing its brand identity and launching its first pan-European advertising campaign, to promote its simple, fast, and nohassle instant credit solution.

Younited’s new visual identity reflects its commitment to help customers achieve financial wellbeing.
Five years after the start of its successful expansion in Europe, Younited is strengthening its brand
positioning to confirm its leading position in the field. The company issimultaneously unveiling its first
European-wide TV campaign.

“This new brand identity is supported by a three-spot communication campaign. Its signature - “At last, credit made for you” - illustrates how Younited can improve its customers’  lives, simply and quickly.”
Solène Claoué, Chief Brand Officer at Younited

Increase Younited’s brand awareness in the European instant credit market

Whether making a purchase or applying for a consumer loan, people have two major expectations:
instantaneity and simplicity. The company, which caters to a million customers, is striving to meet
European consumers’ new expectations in a responsible way.

Younited’s new brand identity and advertising campaign position the company as the leading instant
credit provider in Europe to support its hyper-growth. The company is operating in five countries,
covering 60% of the European market. It has significantly increased its advertising budget in France
and is broadcasting its TV campaign to three additional countries for the very first time.

“Younited: At last, credit made for you”, a first pan-European advertising campaign

The first advert, devised by Havas & Compagnies, tells the story of an unhappy man in a deteriorated
kitchen. Striking a humorous tone, an unidentified voice - which turns out to be from a parma fridge
magnet - calls out to him suggesting the “Younited Credit” solution... And, voilà, our customer finds
himself happily enjoying his freshly renovated kitchen. The brand signature, “At last, credit made for
you”, wraps up the story.

The pan-European TV campaign was launched in France on 9 February with 15-second and 20-second
spots and is broadcasted on the following channels: TF1, France 5, France 3, and M6. It will air in Spain
and Portugal in March, before reaching Italy by the summer. Creatives featuring other situations will
later be released.

The promise of an “immediate definitive answer” is a major innovation that combines Younited’s
know-how with the benefits of the European PSD2 Directive. Formerly, an individual’s banking history
was considered the property of the bank holding their account. Now, thanks to the directive,
customers are the sole owners of their data and can therefore share their information freely and
automatically with any credit provider.

“In 2016, Younited Credit was the first to promote answering customers within 24 hours. In 2022, we’re the first to announce an immediate definitive answer where our competitors can only provide an immediate answer at pre-acceptance stage.”

New logo and colours for a strong, distinctive image

Thanks to its collaboration with the Saguez & Partners agency, Younited’s graphic identity has also

  • The grey, navy blue and orange of its previous logo have made way for more modern, striking tones that stand out in a market dominated by traditional blues and greens.
  • The dominant new colour, parma, conveys the financial wellbeing Younited wants to bring to its customers.
  • The flame-shaped graphic element conveys movement and highlights the “YOU”, emphasising the dynamic, customer-centric DNA of the brand.

Younited's ambition to provide its customers with a simple, clear, and transparent experience is embodied in its new sleek, minimalist, and illustrated identity.