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Ecommerce Live x Younited: the split payment revolution is not over!

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Ecommerce Live Trends Retail x Younited

lieu Digital Event, France

Ecommerce Live Trends Retail, the Ecommerce and media brand event, is a day-long digital conference held on April 12, 2022.

More than twenty speakers gave keynote speeches, interviews and participated in round tables on retail trends in 2022. Retail is booming, consumer expectations are changing, the digital transformation is accelerating and the circular economy is making progress. At the conference, brands and solution platforms took a look back at the trends seen in retail in France and abroad.

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The future split payment trends and opportunities were presented by Pierre-Marin Campenon, Managing Director EU, Partnerships – at Younited, a pioneer in integrated finance in Europe, at the E-commerce Live conference held on 12 April 2022 and organised by the E-Commerce Mag magazine.

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Over the past few years, split payment has contributed to the transformation of the retail sector, not only increasing sales but also offering optimised customer journeys that reassure consumers and encourage them to return to their favourite retail websites. In the future, integrated finance will play an important role in the exploitation of data through PSD2, in introducing new customers and in corporate social responsibility, particularly through the buy-back of used products.