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One to One Monaco x Younited: integrated finance, a tool for the e-commerce revolution!

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One to One Monaco x Younited

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Integrated finance is already helping transform the retail sector, particularly the digital retail sector: it not only increases sales but also offers optimised customer journeys that encourage consumers to return to their preferred retail websites.

In the future, integrated finance will offer new payment methods that use banking data as a result of PSD2, or will strengthen corporate social responsibility through take-back solutions for used goods integrated into the purchasing process. Integrated finance reduces the barriers between financial institutions and retailers, whose businesses are becoming increasingly close.

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Geoffroy Guigou, co-founder of Younited, gives a presentation on trends in integrated finance, a tool in the e-commerce revolution.

The 5th P of the marketing mix

According to a study by Roland Berger, customers are even willing to pay 15% more for a higher level of service. For brands, this means meeting higher expectations, two of which are now key: personalisation of the service and fluidity. Payment is at the heart of these issues. The more burdensome this step is, the faster the buyer abandons their basket. However, the success of the subscription system, which is simple and fluid, has shown us that it is possible, via payments, to understand customers better, to offer them personalised services and, ultimately, to retain them over the long term.

Making the purchasing process simpler in order to accelerate growth

But in fact, payment has become much more than the restrictive process that we are trying to make invisible. Many brands have succeeded in making it a driver of value creation by integrating it more harmoniously into the purchasing process and by supplementing it with additional services, thus offering their customers real added value

New responsibilities for brands

Payments represent a great area of innovation. But the flip side is that innovation results in new challenges. The first is the transformation of business lines, in an environment in which accelerated technological developments are causing confusion between different sectors. While payment operators are becoming increasingly like lead generators, the roadmaps of retailers are also changing. Have they not inevitably become payment operators themselves? This change brings a second, not insignificant, challenge: maintaining a balanced and virtuous relationship with consumers. If retailers offer financing facilities, they cannot avoid certain responsibilities: i.e. inquiring about the customer’s credit standing and finding the crucial balance between increased conversion and reasoned consumption.

Key takeaways

Integrated finance, i.e. the transparent combination of traditional financial services and non-financial services, is in high demand from consumers. These services may include, for example, transaction accounts, portfolios, loans and payments. Companies aim to use integrated finance to attract and retain their customers, while providing them with faster, trouble-free financial services. By 2030, this very promising sector will represent a global market of over $7 trillion. It is also, for retailers, a growth driver that offers great opportunities… and new responsibilities.