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Discover how BRM uses instant credit to sell luxury watches.

Success Stories
Partnership setting up in France.
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About the company

Over the two decades of its existence, the independent French watch manufacturer B.R.M has succeeded in setting itself apart from the watchmaking giants by cultivating a singular identity. Strongly oriented towards the worlds of high-performance sport and tradition, the brand recently made a remarkable announcement in the sailing sector by declaring itself the official timekeeper of the events organised by Grand Pavois Organisation for the period 2023-2025, including the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle, the Défi Atlantique and the Rallye des Iles du Soleil. 

B.R.M excels in a variety of artisanal skills, such as corking, gem-setting and the manual application of lacquer. This expertise is underpinned by a team of passionate and talented craftsmen, including engravers, turners and watchmakers dedicated to the brand. Each of these men and women works daily to handcraft unique timepieces and jewellery of exceptional quality. 

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The Challenge

BRM’s ambition was to present its customers with an innovative financing solution, seamlessly integrated into the online shopping process. The aim was to provide a flexible, fluid and accessible experience for BRM’s customers, in perfect harmony with the elegance of the brand and the standards of the luxury industry. 

The Solution

What sets Younited Pay apart is its use of banking aggregation, which offers a user experience that is both simple and fast, while being fully regulated and socially responsible. 

In practice, BRM customers will simply have to authorise Younited to analyse 3 to 6 months of dematerialised bank statements in just a few clicks, in complete security. This process will allow them to obtain a definitive and instant response to their request for financing over a period of 36 months with BRM in less than 5 minutes. 

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« Our aim is to make our products and expertise accessible to as many people as possible. We were particularly attracted by Younited's unique approach. »
François Hermand
Chief Product Officer BRM

Benefits for BRM

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A user experience integrated into the sales process.
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The speed of the financing process.
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An instant, definitive answer.